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Getting Ready for a Deep Clean – Preparing Your Home for the Cleaners

Whether this is your first time booking with Cleaned to Perfection or returning after a while, taking a moment for a refresher on preparing your home for the cleaners to clean is always a wise move. Establishing a positive relationship with our cleaning service involves nuances that enhance the overall experience – making it smoother, faster, and more cost-effective for everyone.

Inviting new cleaning team members into your home is an intimate experience. They’ll see your house at its least tidy and work diligently to restore it to its best, which can be a bit nerve-wracking, especially for first-timers or those trying a new cleaning company.

Let me guide you through the essential basics for preparing your home for the cleaners  with Cleaned to Perfection. Simple preparations can ensure our team delivers their best work, leaving your home with that profoundly satisfying, pristine cleanliness.

Declutter Your Floors & Counters:

Starting with the most essential tip, ensure the surfaces you want cleaned are clutter-free. This simple task clarifies where items go and speeds up the cleaning process, saving you money with services like Cleaned to Perfection, which are priced based on cleaning time.

Although our cleaners may help with general tidying, their primary focus is on cleaning rather than organizing personal items. A big step in preparing your home for the cleaners always needs to include clearing surfaces for cleaning. This enables our team to perform a more efficient job in less time, leaving your home clean and organized.

Handling Fragile Items:

In line with valuable objects, if you have delicate items, consider moving or storing them in a safe place as part of the steps you take in preparing for the cleaners.. If any fragile item requires special cleaning attention, please let us know in advance, and we’ll ensure it receives the care it deserves.


Pets’ Safety is Paramount:

At Cleaned to Perfection, we cherish our furry friends. While we are a pet-friendly cleaning service, your pet’s safety is our priority. If your pet is wary of strangers, securing them during our visit is best. Communication about your pet’s behavior is appreciated, ensuring a smooth and safe cleaning process.

Securing Your Valuables:

As the owner of Cleaned to Perfection, I want to emphasize the importance of securing your valuables during our home cleaning service. While our team is meticulous, accidents can happen. I strongly recommend putting away any breakable or valuable items in a secure location. Please ensure that smaller valuables like jewelry and coins are stored safely before our arrival.


Managing Your Dirty Dishes

We are available to help with dishwashing during initial and subsequent visits. However, it’s vital to inform us in advance. This task requires extra time, and we must incorporate it into the cleaning schedule and pricing. Typically, our cleaners don’t handle washing dishes or dealing with food messes beyond loading the dishwasher.

Providing Clear Instructions:

I can’t stress enough the importance of communication when preparing for the cleaners to visit your home. If you have specific requests or areas that need special attention, kindly communicate them with us during the scheduling process and directly with your cleaning team. This ensures they are well-informed. Whether through a verbal discussion upon arrival or a note in a visible spot, clear instructions greatly assist us in meeting and exceeding your expectations.


Upholding House Cleaner Etiquette:

Both as a homeowner and the owner of Cleaned to Perfection, a smooth cleaning session is our shared goal. Following proper house cleaning etiquette in preparing for the cleaners visit, as outlined above, is crucial. Don’t worry if you’re new to this – you’ll get the hang of it with each cleaning. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. At Cleaned to Perfection, we are here to ensure you feel comfortable and satisfied with our services, building a solid and lasting relationship.

Want to learn a bit more about how we train the professionals who will be visiting your home? Check out our blog post, Cleaned to Perfection – Our Training Methodology.

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