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Top 5 Forget-Me-Not Fall Transition Tips

Hello All!

With fall comes cooler weather and beautiful foliage. Along with that, we have the holidays to look forward to and family coming over to visit. Have you transitioned your home from summer to fall yet? We’ve put together a unique list of our Top 5 Forget-Me-Not Fall Transition Tips that will be sure to help you not miss a thing!

       Top 5 Forget-Me-Not Fall Transition Tips

1. Dust Ceilings, Walls, and Baseboards: It’s a good time to get rid of summer dust buildup. Use your vacuum’s long brush attachment on ceilings, walls, baseboards, and woodwork. High dusters work well, too.

2. Update Window Treatments: Swapping summer’s lightweight curtains for heavier drapes keeps out drafts and sets an elegant tone more appropriate for fall.

3. Shut Down Outdoor Faucet: Turn off all outdoor faucets; coil and tie all garden hoses, and store them in a frost-free place.

4. Clean Oven: Prep your oven for holiday cooking and baking. Racks should be hand-washed and dried before replacing.

5. Clean Refrigerator: Clean out all spoiled food to make room and organize for your holiday cooking! A clean slate in the refrigerator creates the perfect environment for organization when re-stocking.

Remember, if all else fails, call Cleaned to Perfection to help you transition your home to fall! We can customize your cleaning to your specific needs. Simply give us a call or send us a text to add *extra* services to your next cleaning.

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